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With the start of a new fishing season loooming ahead, the feel to change your fishing rod this year may be a necessity or simply the desire to upgrade. It may be due to several reasons, your favorite rod last year got lost, it broke or simply couldn’t bring on board the one you tought that would make your fishing season the most memorable one. Looking for a fishing rod can be quite overwhelming since there are so many out there. Fishing rods have to be first defined by what type category of fishing will you be doing, what type of fish will you be planning to pull out? Does the fishing rod has the durability to do the job? Those are all questions, you definitely need to ask yourself Here’s a look and some of our reviews on a few of them. Below we have featured some of the top fishing rods, our users have labeled as top rods for the type of fishing they were doing.

Tica UNMB13MH2 Casting Fishing Rod, Medium Heavy, 13-Feet, 2-Piece, 40- 60-Pound

In the Surf Casting, one of the ideal rods for sturgeon catch is the TICA UNMB13MH2 Casting Rod. This one is one of the top rods for surf casting. Made of TC graphite and strong fiberglass composite material, this rod is of very high quality and suprisingly light. The high quality ring guides are made of titanium oxide for extra durability. Qualified as the ultimate bank rod, the TICA UNMB13MH2 Casting Rod has a unique treated cord handle design with a stainless steel butt tube.

Tica UNMB13MH2 Casting Fishing Rod, Medium Heavy, 13-Feet, 2-Piece, 40- 60-Pound It comes in two weight design: the 40 and 60lbs which can be easily use in the medium to heavy big sport catch. Ideal for sturgeon fishing, the TICA UNMB13MH2 is a sure bet and is considered as one of the best rods for open sea fishing. Even with its heavy weight build, the tip is light for viewing any bites. People fishing with the TICA UNMB13MH2 model are quick to say they last for years while fighting the big sturgeons. In addition, this rod will easily cast a 10oz. weight like it is nothing.

Check out the TICA UNMB13MH2 casting rod – here




Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2-Piece, Yellow, 8-Feet

Eagle Clay Feather Light Fly FishingIf a Fly Rod, is what you need this season, you may want to consider the Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Fly Rod. It’s an 8-Feet, 2-pieces fishing rod, made of fiberglass and aluminium with a cherry wood seat for the reel. It is a light rod, aimed for a line weight of 5/6 wt. Its feel and durability are easily discernable for today’s angler. Its reduced weight and improved balance makes it a pleasant rod to cast. Its color of yellow is unique to the Eagle Claw featherlight Fly Rod. The Eagle Claw Featherlight has a great finish.

You can match it to any great Eagle Claw reel such as the Eagle Claw Granger 567 and you will obtain some great results. The lines loads up and shoots very nicely without much efforts and on taget at the distance you want. Its affordable price and great performance makes it for a very good buy. Their slower action gives them a very nice feel that true fly anglers can enjoy. The Eagle Claw Featherlight can be an excellent starter rod for the younger angler especially because of its weight and performance.




Daiwa Sweepfire – C 1 – Pc. Spinning Rod

Daiwa Sweepfire-C-1Pc_Spinning RodThe Daiwa Sweepfire Spinning Rod is a great rod with high performance in mind. The Daiwa Sweepfire Spinning C-Rod has a design that the pros prefer! Made of durable fiberglass with cut-proof aluminum oxide guides, the Daiwa Sweepfire is a 6′ spinning rod capable of holding an 8-17 line rating.

It contains a stainless steel hooded reel seat and a comfortable natural cork grip which wil perform in any environment. This Daiwa Sweepfire rod has a hook keeper for convenience to avoid any entanglements. This Daiwa Sweepfire – C1 Spinning Rod is light and any bites can be easily felt and observed. A great rod, Daiwa is putting its best ingredients for the customer to have a rod with a proper action when casting.





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