Bass Fishing Reels and Baits 101

Bass Fishing - Large Mouth TypeMany ask themselves this question. What kind of reel should a beginner like me use for bass fishing?

People from virtually every demographic appreciate the sport of fishing. Regardless of your location, there is a good chance that a prime fishing hole is nearby. Take the time to read the following article to learn about some great fishing tips that you can use on your next fishing trip. Hopefully, there will be something that will make a difference for you.

General Fishing Tips

Remove the tail from your bait before putting it on the hook if you’re fishing with shad. This will help reduce tangles from the bait spinning. Fish will be more attracted to the scent of the cut bait.

When it comes to fishing, even clothing can affect success. This is why fishermen should opt for clothing that blends in well with the environment. Fish don’t have excellent eye sight but they are not colorblind, so they can easily be spooked if you wear bright colors or anything else that is particularly noticeable. For best results, wear earth tones.

Sinkers are an excellent choice when fishing in the winter. Sinkers add weight to the line which allow your bait to reach lower depths where fish dwell this time of year. When using sinkers, their weight and quantity will depend upon the depth that you would like your bait at.

Bass Fishing 101

If you are new to fishing, the best way to learn is by trying bass fishing. Bass are known for being easier to catch because they are likely to go for the bait and are easier to handle. Even as you progress as an accomplished fisherman, bass fishing still offers its share of fun and challenge because of the good fight a bass can put up when it’s caught.

When you are starting bass fishing, learn as much as you can about the bass, by using the resources available to you. Take some time to research some tips before you try your hand at it. There is a wealth of information available that will help you with learning how to fish properly before you jump in. After you utilize these tips, you will be well equipped to landing some giant fish.

Bass Fishing – Knowing the Bass

First, a beginner need to know what exactly is a bass. It is good to know what you are fishing in details because you will get to know what the bass eats, stay underwater (shallow / deep), what attracts the bass and how it behaves. Also you should know when the best time of the year bass fishing is taking place, when they are laying their eggs. Knowing the types of bass is good info to know.

Bass is a name shared by many different species of fish. The term encompasses both freshwater and marine species, all belonging to the large order Perciforms, or perch-like fishes, and the word bass comes from Middle English bars, meaning “perch”.

Types of Bass

  • The black basses, such as the Choctaw bass (M. haiaka), Guadalupe bass (M. treculii), largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), smallmouth bass (M. dolomieu), and spotted bass (M. punctulatus), belong to the sunfish family, Centrarchidae.
  • The temperate basses, such as the European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax), striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and white bass (M. chrysops), belong to the family Moronidae.
  • The Asian seabasses, such as the Japanese seabass (Lateolabrax japonicus) and Blackfin seabass (Lateolabrax latus), belong to the family Lateolabracidae.

Lures and Baits

Bluenet 129pcs-Kit

Bluenet 129 Pieces Kit for Bass Fishing

There are many lures and baits that can be used for bass fishing. One of the great kit out there is the 6 Fishing Hard Spinner Lure Spinnerbait Pike Bass under the 18g/0.63oz weight. It is offered by Free Fisher and is it is relatively cheap for 6 lures. The other one is the 129 pieces kit by Bluenet.

Lots of bass fishermen prefer to fish with light colored grubs. Grubs in white, smoke-colored, chartreuse and yellow are very effective. Another popular choice is a more translucent grub with reflective metal chips inside of it. These grubs reflect light and can draw more fish in. If nothing seems to be biting, choose a grub which is the same color as the water.

Spinner baits are great entry level lures that anyone can use. This type of lure is ideal for fishermen who regularly fish in shallow, cloudy water or shaded areas. The fish most associated with spinner bait is the bass, but crappie will bite on it too.

Fishing is a wonderful sport that will reward you for as much, or as little, effort as you care to put into it. Regardless of whether you view it as a calming hobby or serious sport, there is much to be learned about fishing. Learn all that you can, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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