Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel

With Piscifun emerging as one of the top fishing gear manufacturer, one baitcaster reel getting great reviews is the . Available for left handed or right handed fisher’s, this reel has the built for an extended life span and smooth casting. Armed with 13 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearings (Utilizing 2 Japan imported NMD Bearings), this baitcaster reel allows for smooth casting and reeling. It is a lightweight reel, that only weighs 7.37oz.

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Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel Description

With the PF1400 model, Piscifun ensure this reel had a strong built as a Baitcasting reel. The body was built with a High Strength Nylon Glass Fiber and Brass Gear. In addition, its CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machined Aluminum Spool  keeps the lightweight of the reel constant while adding the precision required around the spool. The Piscifun PF 1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting reel has a precision and fine machined copper rotoring gear, titled the C3604.

What makes the Piscifun® PF 1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel special and unique is its fine tuned magnetic brake system. The brake system is a great feature for a desired length casting. Added to its user friendly approach, is the easy release side plate and its one way clutch system. Finally continuing along its user friendly approach, Piscifun added the ultra-light aluminum handle and the ergonomically shaped EVA knob for comfortable and sure grip.



Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel Features

In a quick snapshot look, here are the main features of the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel:

  • Weight: 7.37oz.;
  • Gear Ratio: 6.3:1;
  • Line Capacity (Braid): 12Lbs-100Yds;
  • 13 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearings(Utilizing 2 Japan imported NMD Bearings expandable 4 times)
  • Easy release side plate;
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machined Aluminum Spool;
  • Precision & Fine Machined Copper Rotoring Gear,C3604 Material Imported from Japan;
  • One Way Clutch System;
  • High Strength Nylon + Platinum Solder Theme and Side Plate;
  • Fine Tuned Magnetic Brake System;
  • Ultra-light Aluminum Handle; and
  • Ergonomically Shaped EVA Knob for Comfortable & Sure Grip.

More on info on the PF1400 Baitcasting Reel

If you are looking at getting the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel, there are more information you should be aware of in order to make your purchase. If you are wondering whether this is a reel you should use for saltwater fishing, the answer is yes. Like any other reels, you should thoroughly rinse it after with freshwater. There are no real reports out there of corrosion on the PF1400, but always care for your reel by eliminating any source of corrosion and potential future jam.

Next, you can use mono filament line or braided line with the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel. Like anything with fishing gear, it is a matter of preference and the type of fishing you will be doing. Many have used the 30lbs. to 50lbs. braid line while others have used mono in the 8lbs. to 12lbs. range. The reel will take up to 12 lbs. mono.

What are the pros and cons?

With the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel, there were not too many issues arising after purchase. Let’s have a deeper look at some of them.


Green Checkmark 32x32Ideal reel for the beginner to understand and easy for the younger ones to use as well for females to use. For the money you will not be disappointed. Its smaller size is great for younger guys or older gals with small hands.

Green Checkmark 32x32A great reel for the cost. The Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting reel will behave like a $300.00 reel but its cost hovers around only $40 to $50 dollars. This reel is smooth and works as well as many reels several times its cost.

Green Checkmark 32x32The reel has a very comfortable handle with an ergonomically built grip and EVA type knob. A great feature for those long fishing expeditions that will reduce sore hands or wrists.

Green Checkmark 32x32Easy to adjust brake and drag. The Fine Tuned Magnetic Brake System simplifies the ease of using the brake in crucial moments during the drag.


Red X 32x32 The only issues that were identified as common amongst the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel is the fact some parts were loose and it needed to be lubricated. Although it is usual common maintenance, for any reels to be oiled up, particular care should be addressed to when receiving your PF1400 Baitcasting Reel.

Maintenance of the Piscifun PF 1400

Having a baitcaster reel means a little bit more maintenance. When you receive your Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel, it is strongly recommended to get the reel properly greased in order to obtain a smooth cast and drag and avoid major issues later on. Below is a maintenance video, which you will find useful on receipt of your Piscifun PF 1400. Produced by Jack Stark, he explains step-by-step how to take it apart, its care and how to put it together.


In summary the Piscifun® PF 1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel is a great reel to buy at the price  it is listed at. The 13 Sainless Steel Ball Bearings + 1 Roller Bearings makes this reel runs smoothly and gives you exceptional drags. One other great feature from this reel that goes unnoticed is the high strength nylon glass fiber body and brass gear giving this real all the resistance you need against unwanted corrosion.

It is a reel that is perfect for a beginner or a youth to get his first casts because if its somewhat smaller size. Piscifun goes the extra mile in producing a reel anyone can use whether it is saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing. The Piscifun PF1400 is priced at approximately 45.00 which is the perfect price for a quality reel.

If you are convinced the Piscifun PF1400 Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel is the reel you need check it out here!

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