Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel

[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00ZR460TO’]When owning a fly reel, you will want to invest in a quality fly fishing reel that meets the demands of continuous angling. With the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel, you get that quality instantly. Piscifun fly reels feature a sealed drag surface that increases total drag surface by model. The cold-forged aluminum frame and spool resist the inevitable bangs and scratches to assure a lifetime of performance. A mid-arbor design provides a great balance between backing capacity and rapid line pickup. A super-smooth, one-way bearing enables instant engagement of the maintenance-free composite drag. The Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel is an elegant, hard-anodized golden finish reel ideal for fly fishing.

Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel Description

The frame and spool of the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel are cold-forged and CNC-machined aluminum for unyielding hardness and rigidity. A super-smooth in-line disc drag system assures even pressure to protect light tippets. Gold hard-anodized finish offers protection from the elements Concave arbor for greater strength and capacity ; Includes drawstring bag; No tools necessary to convert between right- or left-hand retrieve.


Below are some basic facts about the Blaze Fly Fishing Reel

Reel click: Yes
Reversible: Yes
Drag type: Disc
Reel bag: Yes
Palming rim: Yes
Materials: Machined 6061-T6 aluminum.

The line reel ratio is clearly explained below for all models of the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel.





Key Features


  • Precision Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shafts and Drag Washers;
  • Precision Machined Brass Bushing Drive system /Non-slip positive grip handle knobs;
  • 2+1 Ball Bearing 1:1 Gear Ratio 3 / 4 wt 5 / 6 wt 7 / 8 wt 9 / 10 wt available Drag in One Direction; and
  • Easy to change left to right hand retrieval conversion Video Direction is available in the question and answers.




Piscifun Blaze – The Goods!

Customers who have purchased the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel bought this reel for salt water fishing and fresh water fishing. In one case, the customer bought the Blaze Fly Reel for saltwater fly fishing and for some light tackle challenge. He was shocked to notice the great quality the reel was built. He describes the Blaze as a reel with each piece being made from a single piece of metal. He also described the drag system behaving just like any drag system worth $100-$150 fly reel out there.

He denotes the waterproof mechanism in the reel which is very important in salt water fishing and when it was splashed onto it, it didn’t disturb the drag system at all. So it doesn’t matter if it gets splashed on or soaked, the reel drag system will run the same as if it was totally dried out. One note about this important factor, is if you used your fly reel for inshore lakes and you are wading, the risk of having a jammed fly wet reel is eliminated with the Piscifun Blaze Fly reel. The aluminum alloy is also great to prevent corrosion.

Its a mid arbor fly reel so you can’t add much backing, and adding 6wt fly line is a perfect fit with a 6wt fly rod and it will be a perfect match. The reel comes right handed too which is very practical when retrieving. This reel concept makes it easy to shift to the left hand retrieve, if required. Simply take the reel apart and take out the drag and flip it.

Overall Piscifun has put together a reel that is amazing from a price standpoint. The machining is top-notch, leaving a reel that looks beautiful in a very purposeful manner. The fly reel has lock tight screws to make sure nothing comes apart. The reel turns like smooth silk and the one way drag system has a ton of adjustment to adjust the way you’d like. You can make the drag much heavier then you think you will ever need on a 3/4 wt rod. Opening it up, you will notice that the nut used to secure the spool to the reel can not be detached from the spool and risk losing it. There is also an o-ring on the reel shaft to protect the bearings inside the spool.

The Piscifun Fly Reel uses 50 yards of 20 lbs. test backing line and a 3 or 4 weight fly line. When setting up this reel for brook trout, you may want to consider using the Rio Mainstream 3 wt weight forward fly line. This setup should be great for the precision short distance casts that are necessary on small trout streams.

One great feature the Piscifun Blaze will offer to you is the setup abilities to provide precision short distance casts. When matched to a Piscifun rod, both the rod and reel seemed well balanced. The 3 wt setup is great for backpacking in to small mountain trout streams. If you want a good all around rod to go along with the Blaze Fly Reel, I would recommend you go with the 5/6 wt and if you are going to be concentrating on lake and bass fishing, you should go with 7/8. For backpacking, you can also purchase a hard tube for secure storage and a padded reel holder.

Piscifun Blaze – The Not So Good!


Frankly the disadvantages or the cons in owning a Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel are minimal if at all relevant. In general, most users were very happy with this reel was priced at. Most of the negative comments we heard about this reel are part that were loose or broken on arrival. I would strongly recommend you go through the reel in depth when you receive it. Examine all the screws making they’re locked tight. Other comments made were also the about the drag which felt different than most common fly reels. They reported a squeal when stripping the line. They also reported a feeling of metal rubbing on metal. This could be attributed to a lack of lube for the drag. This is an isolated case since more than 90% reported having no issues with the drag and actually stating it performed above average.




In summary the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel is a great reel for the cost. It is a very durable and an easy reel to maneuver with whether you are a left-handed or right-handed fisherman. This real is excellent for the drag and is a very smooth reel. The choice for the Piscifun Blaze is unanimous in the selection of a reel for fly fishing. The reel is sturdy, reliable, resistant to water and gravel and has one hell of a smooth drag.

If you feel like the Piscifun Blaze Fly Reel is a fly fishing reel you want, you can acquire it here!

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