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When you head out on the water whether it is for salt water fishing or simply catching this big trout at a lake nearby, quality top fishing gear is key for a successful fishing day or not. You don’t need to have the $500.00 spinning reel either, to have quality. There are tons of fishing gear out there at a very economical price that will give you the required quality.

What is not top fishing gear?

Top Fishing Gear ReelNot having top fishing gear can come in various ways. From personal experience, I have had fishing line curling up on me  and getting entangled as I was reeling the big one. I also had spoons (lures) simply disintegrating on me or the colors peeling off after a few casts. Now if it disintegrates just by hitting the water, would that fall into quality fishing gear. You spend the money and you expect quality.

With TopFishinggear.net, we aim to do just that. We purchase the gear, we try it, we see what we get, what the results are and we make our recommendations. We also listen to our readers, listen to their comments and experience and we provide it to you so you are aware of what works and what doesn’t. Once you are out on the water is not the time to have fishing gear go sideways on you.

Where to start?

At TopFishinggear.net, we try to explore the required equipment you need. We push out what is your “bang for the buck”. We don’t try to bring everything the market offers. Our focus is to make it simple while effective. I would strongly recommend you read our reviews, specs and what is the cost before you make your decision. You need to compare. Investing in a fishing rod may look simple but if the fishing rod you like can’t stand a 10-lbs fish fighting with you, then it’s worthless. Take the time to compare and read our comments. Our passion focus on the required tools and accessories, while sharing our passion.

How To Find Top Fishing Gear: The Definitive Guide

If you are like me, you were probably fed up reading promotional articles out there that only try to endorse that a particular rod, reel, lure or even ice auger is the one and only, the best on the market or that it will make every single one of your wishes come true.

And, guess what? Every single product claims that it is the best.

Why should you trust them?

Because they claim to be the best based on reviews someone else made?

Or should you rather try to take a different approach in this whole matter?

After a long search and many failures, I got to a point where I was sick and tired of all the so-called-advice those articles gave me. And, yes, I arrived to the conclusion that a product can be excellent for me and horrible for my neighbor, and that it is the buyer who’s the individual who should acquire the required information on more than one product and then decide which one is truly the best for him/ her.]

 Reels, Rods, Lures and More…

At Top Fishing Gear, we feature, review and compare the top reels, rods, lures, accessories and ice fishing gear from the major companies you may see at your sports and outdoor store.  We look at brands such as Rapala, Benn, Shimano, Okuma and much more.  We conduct a thorough review of any fishing gear we can put our hands on. We look at all the pros and cons and if the investment is worth it. Our passion for fishing is what drives us to communicate to you the top fishing gear that will bring you long term rewards.

What we provide at Top Fishing Gear

Aside from our reviews on fishing rods, fishing reels or accessories, Top Fishing Gear, will make your purchases easy with our detailed buyer’s guide. We will look at the quality, cost, usage and efficiency of the best fishing gear whether it is salt water fishing or fresh water fishing out on the lakes.

Click below and find out the top fishing gear that meets your needs.

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